May 14, 2013

Install USB Drive Manager in SME Server Panel

This USB manager for SME Server-Manager panel is a great help. wget r/smeserver-usbdisksmanager-0.2-0.1.noarch.rpm or alternate wget Then run: yum localinstall smeserver-usbdisksmanager-0.2-0.1.noarch.rpm   then go […]
May 3, 2013

Dynamic DNS free Alternatives

DynDNS have  removed their free account service and now require customers to pay a  minimum of $30/yr for a basic account. If you’ve already registered an  account […]
May 1, 2013

Wireless networks and windows XP , a quick how to

How to remove existing wireless network profile in Windows XP Step 1 Open Control panel, select and double click Network Connections.  Step 2 Select Wireless Network […]
April 30, 2013

Where to get that windows 7 disk

Ok… so you lost your Windows 7 install disk… well as luck would have it…. below is a list of direct downloads .. of course you […]